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We produce motion pictures that explore the human relationship to the ocean and the outdoors.  Our in-house staff of eight builds on an active network of outdoor production personnel from 55 countries worldwide.  We have been ranked among the Global Top 100 Production Companies by Realscreen and nominated for Emmy awards for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Science and Technology Program.

We are constantly driven to visually re-articulate experience through story, and to adopt new formats and tools as they appear.  In 2003, we created and developed “Experiential” or "Slow TV," born from our Sunrise Earth series (Discovery). In 2007, we co-founded BlueMarvel, a distributor of Slow TV programming. Beginning in 2011, we've developed video installations for gallery exhibition and museums. In 2015, we produced our first Ultra High Definition 4K on-demand video-streaming series, titled Big Picture Earth (CuriosityStream). Since 2011, we have worked with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) in filming UHD 4K aerial footage worldwide, and were among the first production companies to apply and receive FAA exemption for commercial operations.

In February of 2014, Compass Light Founder and Director David Conover launched the Conservation Media Group, a non-profit initiative working for measurable change in ocean health and renewable energy capacity.

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Behold The Earth

In production, 90 minutes, Independent Feature

Not so long ago, Americans lived in a world where food was grown in nearby fields, hunted in nearby woods, or fished in nearby rivers. Children played outdoors and the organization of the natural world was fundamental to people’s understanding of what life was and could be. This film explores the ramifications of America’s ongoing divorce from the outdoors... and possibilities for reconnection with a dialogue between science and religion. It features E.O. Wilson, Cal DeWitt, Theo Colborn, and others. Musicians include Dirk Powell, Tim Eriksen, and a growing cast of neo-traditional musical talent.

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In 2011, when unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) were developed in Europe to capture bird’s-eye perspectives, we began to commission the best pilots and aerial DPs to work with this camera platform. When the evolving regulatory environment made provision for using Drones in the United States in 2015, we applied for and received the first FAA exemption in Maine for commercial operation of drones for film. Our pilots are established in the aviation community; with certifications that range from full-sized 747s and helicopters to small fixed-wing private planes. At a minimum, we fly in teams of two: one pilot and one aerial DP. Our safety and creative record speaks for itself. We have successfully filmed UHD 4K aerial footage at sensitive World Heritage Sites like Auschwitz (Poland), Stonehenge (UK) and Petra (Jordan), and have captured the isolated quiet of a vessel off the Canary Islands and steaming volcanism of the Reykjanes Peninsula.  

Our primary aircraft consists of two CineStar-X8 MK Heavy Lift RTFs, with MOVI-10 stabilization. We also have Phantom 2 and 3 small craft. The 11 pound payloads of the Cinestar-X8 4K range from our RED Epic Dragon to a PANASONIC GH4.

Besides our own fully certified aviation team, we also have established active relationships with multiple UAV teams overseas who have helped us set our standards of safety and quality in aerial cinematography. Our three most active are: Dave Halton and Stephen Draper of AerialVue, Radek Matus and Pawel Nazaruk of HeliDog, and Marko Butrakovic and Robert Godrijan of Craft.  Each flies with their own aircraft.

All of our crews can breakdown, rebuild, and maintain their own equipment.


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