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We produce motion pictures that explore the human relationship to the ocean and the outdoors.  Our post-production staff of 8 builds on an active network of outdoor field production personnel in 55 countries worldwide.  We have been ranked among the Global Top 100 Production Companies by Realscreen and nominated for Emmy awards for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Science and Technology Program.  

We are constantly driven to visually re-articulate experience through story, and to adopt new formats and tools as they appear.  In 2003, we created and developed “Experiential” or "Slow TV," born from our SUNRISE EARTH series (Discovery Communications). In 2007, we co-founded BLUEMARVEL, a distributor of Slow TV nature programming. In 2015, we produced our first Ultra High Definition 4K on-demand video-streaming series, titled BIG PICTURE EARTH (CuriosityStream). Our 2018-22 launches included the REELEARTH COLLECTION (104 films commissioned by Overseas Adventure Travel), and our feature documentary BEHOLD THE EARTH. In post-production for 2024, an ocean memoir with the working title of CURTIS ISLAND.  Our most recent initiative for 2021-26 is ARCTICEARTH EXPEDITIONSa platform for scouting, developing, and field producing new content from the Northwest Atlantic.

In June of 2024, Compass Light produced and launched a new Slow TV nature series BLUEMARVEL (24 one-hour-long episodes), which airs early every morning on EarthxTV.

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